Certification course : “Interdisciplinary innovations and entrepreneurship (Course Number 101)



 Medical workflows and innovation management theory 2nd March 2018, 13:00 - 14:00 (EKİN ÖN KULUÇKA MERKEZİ)


o  Problem observation phase, lecture and hospital visit 9th  March 2018, 13:00 - 14:00 (EKİN ÖN KULUÇKA MERKEZİ)


o Site visit 16th March 2018 and 23rd March 2018 ; 14:00-17:00


o  Conception phase March 2018 (BUCHI&BİTTO)


o  Implementation phase April 2018 (BUCHI&BİTTO)


o At the end of the program the students will receive a certificate.


o There will be 4 mandatory lecture sessions (1hr each), rest has to worked within the teams.


For the conception and implementation phases, teams will have mentorship from BUCHI & BITTO 


o  Eligibility: Open for students or faculty members from any discipline


o  Note : Course registration possible at any time, number of hours must be completed for successful completion of the certification. Based on the status of the projects, the participants will be assign tasks.


o  Please send a short email till 1st March 2018, 17:00 hrs if you are interested to attend this certification course to BUCHI office